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Mayor: Nickel9
Faction ArcEmp
      Desert.  By definition, it is an area where few forms of life can exist due to lack of water, heat, etc.  In Minecraft, this rule is no different.  There is little to no rainfall in a desert, they offer very few resources to the player, and the only natural denizens of the region are dead shrubs, cacti, and the untimely creeper.  Yet, even in the most hostile of environments, life still flourishes, and Exodus is a prime example of this.

    Even though Exodus is located fairly far away from the core of the Archean Empire, Its location north of Ravenport makes it an ideal location for trade with other local cities outside of the Empire's influence.  It also boasts a strong naval fleet and airship dock, making it one of the empire's key trade locations for shipping materials across all of ravenkraft.  

  • Nickel9 is currently completing his thieves guild in the caverns underneath Exodus' trade center.
  • Jekyell has banished himself out to go sandstone mining so he can build his next project, a large pyramid.
  • Mattfu is putting his final touches on the Archean Colosseum.
  • Nickel9  is also working on finishing the ancient baths of Nero.
  • ChewiestMonkey and Wizardofire have recently completed linking Exodus to Ravenport via a path and a railway to increase accessibility between the two.
  • Moose696 is planning on building upon the ravine's central island.
  • the same server rules also apply in exodus.  aka don't steal, grief, or pillage stuff.

  • ***DO NOT STRIP MINE FOR SAND*** Exodus is built upon a pristine desert and I would like to keep it that way.  Anyone is free to use the sand that they excavate for a build, but it is strictly prohibited to just simply go digging for sand here for shops, raw materials, etc.  It makes the desert look ugly.  If you need sand, buy it from nearby RVN.

  • If you make a mess (aka a creeper explodes), please clean up after yourself or, if it is a large scale problem (aka griefing), contact Nickel9 or Jekyell asap.

  • ....Don't cut down the sacred cacti...or else...

Those who do not obey shall be "dealt with" by Exodus' thieve's guild.

Félix De Portu,
May 29, 2012, 4:55 PM
Félix De Portu,
May 29, 2012, 4:43 PM
Félix De Portu,
May 29, 2012, 4:43 PM