Ravenkraft is an adventure/survival server for players seeking a secure, semi-vanilla environment. We host a space for creative minds and prolific builders and encourage members to participate in the community by founding cities, building wonders, maintaining shops, joining in group adventures, or even writing their own story-lines.

Rules and Protections
Players are encouraged to claim territory and create their own cities. Each city is free to define its own rules as long as they do not contradict the server rules. Our policy on PvP combat is that it should be voluntary or enabled by a city-faction`s server rules.  

Barter Economy
The economy, enabled by the easy-to-use Bartersigns plugin, empowers players with the ability to realistically define the market prices and sell their goods anytime. This plugin does not deviate far from vanilla Minecraft, since items are traded for other items rather than a standard currency. There is no enforced currency, though gold and diamonds are widely used.

Ravenkraft isn't just a server; we are a group of like-minded gamers from diverse backgrounds who congregate in and out of Minecraft. Whether sharing memes on Facebook, discussing random topics through obscure film references on Teamspeak, hastily calculating complex mathematic formulae whilst debating the correct usage of words, or playing any one of the other countless multiplayer games we share, the Ravenkraft community continues to maintain a fun, welcoming atmosphere.

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